Thieves in the fall



Now that summer is starting to wind down and fall is fast coming upon us it’s time to think ahead to cold and flu season. Many people during this season either hope they don’t get sick, stock up on over the counter meds, or take preventive methods such as getting the flu vaccine. Personally, I’m in the first group. I just hope I don’t get sick. The only time that I have had the flue vaccine, I actually got the flu. However, doing research on the Young Living oils I use, I have found of a few oils that help not only prevent, but lessen the effects of colds and flu. One such oil is Thieves essential oil blend.


Thieves essential oil blend has a history too. The story behind the blend goes back to the Middle Ages and the plague. The story goes that there were four thieves who would plunder the dead and dying, but never get sick. When they were eventually caught, they were granted leniency if they would give up how they could be around the people with the plague and not become sick. As it happened, one of the thieves was related to an apothecary giving him the knowledge and access to the oils that would protect them.


Thieves essential oil blend has clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon which makes a blend that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Thieves can be used right on the skin, diffused or even ingested, though you may need to dilute the oil with a carrier oil if it’s too hot on your skin. Some of uses of Thieves includes using a drop with your toothpaste, rubbing a drop on the bottoms of your feet to boost your immune system, a drop under your tongue when you have a soar throat, rub on your chest when you have bronchitis, put a cotton ball with a few drops of oils where you need to freshen the drawer, room, or closet (or gym bags, or shoes ect), and many more.


I know that during the colder months I get soar throats and a lot of congestion/colds. This year I have a defense that I’m going to try. My diffuser will be busy once I start feeling sick.


The information provided on Heavenly Escentials is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. Please seek professional help when needed.


About Joanne

I am an Independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils learning how to use EO's in everyday life to enhance my own health and beauty. I am on a journey to discover God's secrets with nature in using EO's
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