Lovely Lavender


Back in May I had my first sunburn of the season. I burn very easily, so during the spring and summer I try to stay out of the sun, especially when I don’t remember to buy any sun block. My sister handed me her Lavender essential oil bottle and told me to rub a drop or two where I was burnt. I looked at her like she was crazy thinking “I don’t like the scent of Lavender, it gives me a headache.” I decided to humor her though. She was into this Young Living Essential Oil thing and always saying how well they work and what they do. I rubbed on the Lavender where I was burned and within minutes the sting of the burn was gone, and I wasn’t getting a headache. Helping to take away the sting of sunburn is just one of the many things that Lavender can do. While reading through the book Quick Reference Guide to Using Essential Oilsby Connie and Alan Higley more often than not Lavender was one of the oils to use.  Lavender is versatile and can help with almost anything from minor burns, insect bites, bruises, minor cuts and blisters. It also has a calming effect that people who work with aroma therapy have been saying for years. I have been using it myself for a few things that you may not think of. I have used it for sunburns, chigger bites, tick bites, and blisters, but I’ve also used it on my scalp and hair. I’m trying Lavender in my backing soda/water mix because it is also supposed to help stimulate follicles, promote hair growth and repair damaged hair, all of which I need. Still, all this time using Lavender, I have yet to get a headache from it. If you are looking for a natural way to help with almost anything you need, Lavender is a great place to start and you can but it at I know for my family, it’s something that we will keep on hand


About Joanne

I am an Independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils learning how to use EO's in everyday life to enhance my own health and beauty. I am on a journey to discover God's secrets with nature in using EO's
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